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“Our mission at Ion Drone Games is to create exciting and immersive drone racing experiences that push the boundaries of technological innovation, while promoting the growth and development of the drone industry through competitive events, education, and community engagement.”

Jonathan Smith
Head of Domain Acquisitions
  • Drone racing tournament hosting platform.
    Ion Drone Games: An online platform dedicated to hosting drone racing tournaments, where enthusiasts can compete against each other and showcase their piloting skills.
  • Drone enthusiast marketplace with accessories.
    Ion Drone Games Store: A virtual marketplace where drone enthusiasts can find an extensive range of drones, accessories, and racing equipment to enhance their experience.
  • Drone gaming community and discussion.
    Ion Drone Games Community: A forum-based website where drone enthusiasts can connect with like-minded individuals, share tips, discuss racing strategies, and stay updated on the latest developments in the drone gaming industry.
  • Online platform for drone racing.
    Ion Drone Games Academy: A comprehensive online learning platform that offers courses and tutorials for individuals interested in mastering the art of drone racing, covering everything from basic piloting skills to advanced racing techniques.
  • Drone Racing News Hub
    Ion Drone Games News: A news-driven website dedicated to covering the latest happenings in the world of drone racing, including race results, technological advancements, and profiles on top drone racing athletes.

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Drone Games, Pilots, And Gamers' Ultimate Resource. Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions about Drone games, pilots, and gamers' ultimate resource..

What are drone games?

Drone games are video games or interactive experiences that simulate controlling a drone. These games allow players to manipulate virtual drones in a variety of scenarios and challenges. Players can typically maneuver the drone through obstacle courses, perform aerial stunts, or engage in racing competitions. Drone games often incorporate realistic physics and flight mechanics to provide an immersive experience. Some games offer multiplayer modes, where players can compete with others online in drone races or dogfights.

How can I become a drone pilot?

To become a drone pilot, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Research and understand the regulations for drone piloting in your country. Familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines set by the aviation authority.
  2. Depending on the regulations, you may need to obtain a drone pilot license or certification. This might involve passing a written exam, completing a training course, or obtaining a remote pilot certificate.
  3. Take the necessary training courses to learn about drone operation, flight safety, airspace regulations, and navigation.
  4. Practice flying drones by starting with a beginner-friendly model. Get comfortable with drone controls and learn various flight maneuvers.
  5. Gain experience by flying drones regularly, whether recreationally or professionally. Consider joining a local drone community or club to connect with other pilots for guidance and networking opportunities.

What are the best drone games to play?

Some of the best drone games to play include:

  1. Drone Racing League (DRL) - This is an action-packed racing game where players can compete in various futuristic tracks using high-speed racing drones.
  2. Liftoff - It is a realistic drone simulator that allows players to practice their piloting skills by flying different types of drones in various environments.
  3. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges - While not solely focused on drones, this augmented reality game includes a mode called "Holochess" where players can control virtual drones and battle against opponents.
  4. FPV Freerider - This game focuses on the first-person view (FPV) experience of drone flying and provides players with different landscapes and obstacles to navigate.
  5. Orqa FPV One Game - This game is specifically designed to optimize the use of the Orqa FPV One goggles, offering an immersive FPV experience with various challenges and objectives.

Where can I find resources for drone gamers?

There are several resources available for drone gamers. One option is to join online communities and forums dedicated to drone gaming, such as the FPV (First Person View) and drone racing communities. These communities often have resources and discussions on equipment, techniques, and upcoming events. Additionally, there are websites and YouTube channels that provide tutorials, reviews, and tips for drone gamers, such as Drone Racing League and Oscar Liang. Finally, local drone racing clubs or groups may offer resources, meetups, and training opportunities for drone gamers in specific regions.

Are there professional drone gaming competitions?

Yes, there are professional drone gaming competitions. One of the notable competitions is the DRL (Drone Racing League), which is a professional racing league for FPV (First Person View) drone pilots. The DRL organizes various drone racing events where pilots compete head-to-head on complex race tracks. Another popular competition is the FAI World Drone Racing Championship, which brings together the top drone racers from different countries to compete for the title. These competitions feature cash prizes, sponsorships, and have gained a significant following.

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